What I Enrolled My Kids In

As a parent, I’m always looking for the best ways to get my kids to stay active and learn new things.  That’s why I enrolled them in activities when they were as young as 5 years old.  I believe it helps development for the child and they’re gaining exposure to other things rather than just school and homework.  Here are some of the activities I enrolled my kids in and an short explanation of why I picked that activity.

I believe every child should learn how to swim.  It’s almost like a survival mode that everybody should know.  As a young child, my parents put me in swimming lessons when I was 6 years old, and I’ve been frolicking in the water ever since.  They say swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, and this definitely helps children stay active and healthy.  They also learn pool safety and safety in general which is always important knowledge to have.

I made both my son and daughter take soccer lessons because it encourages teamwork and companionship.  Kids should learn how to play with others and be able to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.  I think it’s also important for kids to learn how to win or lose.  Put them in these different situations, and they’ll understand sportsmanship.  People think that soccer can’t be played year-round which is one complaint I’ve always heard.  However, you can find an indoor dome for playing soccer during the cold weather months.

To me, it’s always been important that both my children know music.  This might be a personal thing, but my parents put me in piano lessons at age 4.  They say kids who know how to read music develop a more strategic brain that helps in learning math and languages.  I let my kids pick which instruments they want to learn.  My daughter picked piano, and my son chose guitar.  As long as they know how to read and write music, that’s all that matters to me.  It’s a different way of thinking from sports and activities.  Music also teaches your children the lessons of patience and how to learn something new.  It also keeps your kids out of trouble in their teenage years because they’ll be busy practicing their instruments.

The last activity I enrolled my children in is tennis.  Tennis is one way for your kids to really be able to excel at something if they work hard enough.  There are so many techniques and tricks in tennis that if they aren’t focusing or giving it their all, they’ll be beat.  Tennis helps kids to focus and know how to really excel at one particular activity.  Since for my kids it’s an individual sport, they try really hard to beat each other.  I think it gives kids a healthy competitive edge.  The only complaint I have here is that tennis can be expensive to learn.  You’ve got to rent out tennis courts and instructors are expensive as well.  You could check out the cost of tennis court bubble for the colder months and look at prices to determine if you want to enroll your kids or not.

I hope these activities can serve as a guide to what activities you’d like to enroll your kids in.  Keep in mind that you have to be available to take your kids to each of their lessons.  My week is usually packed with car pool and just driving my kids from place to place.  However, in the end I truly believe the experiences they have will be worth it.  As your kids get older, they will also determine which activities they want to continue and become serious with, so some activities might drop off as they enter their teenage years.